Vacation scam in Chatt.Tn by Royal Palm Vacations

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I also have been scammed by Royal Palms Vacations in Chatt, Tn.I am just now researching that this is a scam.

I was taken for $6000. I think they went to Knoxville when they left here in Sept. I understand that the # to call is out of Fla. to report and be a part of litagation.

##866 966-7226

Also has changed names several times supposedly had office in Reno which does not exist. Ive read that they have been in Florida, Texas, Nevada, and Connecticut. Please help us keep other people from being scammed also.

Research before first!!

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They are still operating.They got my parents who are retired in Colorado in Dec.

of 08.Don't fall for them, and they do not live up to anything they claim.


Be sure you have a cancellation policy in your contract, if not file a complaint with Pinellas Co. That is how I received a full refund


Make sure you have a cancellation policy otherwise you can dispute the charge to pinellas county and you will get your money back.

Royal Palm Vacations - Scam alert

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They are now in Chattanooga Tennessee!!My husband and I went to a presentation yesterday (8/15/08)...we didn't buy - and we are thanking God so much that we didn't after researching the company.

My God, how do these people sleep at night we wonder!! We are now so very concerned about the other couples who were in the room with us. We pray that they didn't fall head over heels for the scam. It makes us want to go back to the hotel and see if they are still there, camp out on the street, and warn everyone about what will happen if they proceed.

We also want to tell 'Hilton' corp. about how this company is using their name to scam people.

We feel blessed to have avoided this.

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Well they were at it again September 6th, 2008 at the Hilton Garden Inn.Unfortunately my wife and I took the bait.

Fortunately(I think) I paid the full amount on my American Express card and when I got home and found out it was a scam I called amex and they said they would take care of it.We shall see.


It sounds like my husband and I had the same experience you had.We attended a Royal Palm Vacation presentation at the Hilton Garden Inn last night (8-27-08) on Chestnut Street in Chattanooga.

The offer they made us sounded really good--Join now (lifetime membership for $7,500.00) and lock in your vacation accommodation price at $550.00 a WEEK for the rest of your life and, by willing the membership to your heirs, they also can secure accommodations all over the world for $550.00 a WEEK for the REST OF THEIR LIVES. It was just too good to be true. Imagine my daughter vacationing in a top line resort in Paris, France, in the year 2050 for $550.00 a WEEK!!! Fortunately, my husband kept a level head and we did not take the bait.

I am sorry to say that a young couple at our table signed on with them.

I am calling the Hilton Garden Inn to complain about their accommodating these people and allowing them to perpetuate their scam on unsuspecting individuals in our community.We are still waiting to see if we actually receive the 2 FREE round trip airline tickets we were promised for attending the presentation.

Royal Palm Vacations club - Scam

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Check the Channel 22 tv report on this company:

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) - We've all received those postcards in the mail offering some free vacation just for showing up to a seminar. 22News I-Team uncovered what can really happen when you attend one of these events.

A postcard came in the mail for Jeri Meuse a few months ago saying she would receive a free cruise or airfare for just showing up to a seminar being held at a local hotel. So she went.

She describes the tactics used to get her to sign up: "It was very high pressure. You have to make your decision tonight," said Jeri Meuse of Chicopee.

That decision was to sign up for a lifetime membership to Royal Palm Vacations, which would20entitle Meuse to be eligible for discounted vacations. So she handed over her credit card which would be charged $2,599 plus a $199 initiation free.

"I went on to their web site and the rates were no better than what I get from my cruise store," said Meuse.

Under Massachusetts law, there's a three day cooling off period after you sign a contract. Which means you can cancel the deal during that time period. That's what Meuse tried to do, but Royal Palm Vacations refused.

Finally it took the threat of publicity for them to drop the deal.

"Finally, the only thing that worked was when I said I was going to I-Team and they said ‘Oh, we didn't know you were disputing the charge'," said Meuse.

Meuse has received a letter saying her contract has been canceled.

So far this year, the Attorney General's office has logged six complaints against Royal Palm Vacations which is not a better business bureau affiliated company.

A Representative from Royal Palm Vacations said the reason they originally refused to cancel the account was because Meuse tried to cancel after the three day grace period.


Graniteville, South Carolina, United States #1322791

I bought and paid for a vacation with this company...was told you got a 3 day cruise free just for coming to the meeting...

we bought a 7 day vacation and have never been able to use it. Never could get in touch with anyone, never could make heads or tails of the web site..

my contract is paid in full...who do I contact to get my money back or am I just screwed out of my money


My wife and I went to one of these events and we smelled a rat very quickly given the following:

1) When we balked at the orginal $8,000 fee, they were able to come down to $4,000, then $2,500, then $2,00.

2) The pressure tactics. Sorry, fellas, if it's a good deal today, it's a good deal tomorrow. If you are legit, you should have no concern about us thinking about it (or looking you up on the internet).

3) The so-called salesmen were very slimy, it was obvious.


The contact company that is being used today is "Chapman Lane" - a 'shell' company which claims to be a law firm, but is nothing more than a member of the larger scam.

These guys seem to be capable of immense guile and larceny, I was called and contacted over a long series of time with the value of the 'reward' going up continuously. The last 'promise' they made over the phone was for free parking, a $100 gas card, a $50 dinner card and 2 r/t tickets worth up to $700 each. - I smelled a rat, and started to research things via the net.

Of course they are currently calling themselves "AIE Vacations" which has no traceable hits on the Web....hmmmmm, so next I called the base number that I had, not the direct extension of the 'personal advisor', I asked for the 'travel agency' phone number in Dallas.

I then used to do a reverse lookup on the number, and came up with "Royal Palm Travel" of Dallas, who if you search on it will practically set off bells in the search response. They have a BBB rating of "F"...kinda tells you something.

They are NOT a travel agency, they are scam artists, plain and simple. I actually travel alot, alot, and wanted to have a travel facility, but instead based on these comments, and the obvious nature of this enterprise will continue to seek the old-fashioned travel agency who gets paid to find the best deals for the customers, this is NOT the purpose of these "travel clubs" their purpose is to RIP YOU OFF, nothing else.


Again, I appreciate everyone WARNING the people out there.


my parents were scammed by this. don't believe anyone claiming to be satisfied!


actually guys, this program is great. i had origionally tried to cancel because of all this negative stuff. but you know, when i called i spoke to Ed ( a senior represenative) he was so great, he explained everything. He even went as far as to send me a benefits explination.

Since then, I have used the program 2 times. both times have been great experiences.

In my opinion, dont knock this program until you try it!

~~thanks ED!


Please send me any new reports on this company Royal Palm Vacations, i.e. Suncoast vacations.


My husband and I attended Royal Palms Travel's sales presentation where we were promised 2 round trip tickets to any international airport and a $40 gas card.After listening to their high pressure sales pitch, we declined and have yet to recieve any air fare vouchers or gas card.

I am confident that anyone defending this scamming company must be employed by them.Do some research and you will find that this company has MANY complaints from unsatisfied customers.


The free airfare and gas for attending a seminar is Bull----.I went to the presentation on 07-23-08.Guess what I am still waiting on my gifts. :( A ripp off for sure.


Dear Don. I do not work for them , im a member and I too joined in Mass, you have some good ideas about invbesting the money, but a CD,... $250.00 a year? If she got a refund than why is she complaining? Also why pay a travel agent thats going to charge you 12.5 % commision on the same cruise RPV can get cheaper anyway? This is what I call simple ***-ness.. My dues are only $249.00 a year, not sure where you got the $275.00, maybe you and her should read what you sign before you sign it. Are you a member Mr. Don? Have you tried the product?

You can't please everybody thats probally why she got her money back. If they were such scammers than they would have not refunded her the money she paid.

Like I said before, my family and I are pleased with this program.

They not only save me a min of 10% on cruises but I have never found a cruise cheaper than they have gotten for me.

I've been on 25 cruises in trhe past 5 years and I'm pleased I dont have to stay up all night looking for a cheap deal..


That's nice Ron, but have you considered how long it will take you to make up the membership fees that run anywhere from $2,500 to $7,000 plus annual dues of about $275 when you save a big 10% on a cruise.It may save you a little time, but you can always have a travel agent due the same thing and it won't cost you nearly as much.

Also, if you paid them, say $5,000 to join, what about all the interest you could have gotten if that money was in a CD?

Thats another $250 a year.Or, maybe, you work for them and don't have to pay all those fees and that is why you are so happy with them.


Im a memeber of Royal Palm Vacations .I've had several wonderful vacations booked by them.

Im not sure why she had a problem with them. My family and I love this product.

Also we have saved several hundrends of dollars by just using them for the cruise savings promise, " they will beat any written qoute by 10% from any cruise company".worked for me and my family....

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